Why E-Cigs?

For years people have been forced to smoke and use tobacco for their nicotine delivery. Though quit-smoking aids and harm reduction tools exist on the market, unfortunately none of them have great success rates. With electronic cigarettes, smokers may doubt its ability to succeed in helping them quit or reduce harm due to what methods have been offered in the past. However, times are changing, the electronic cigarette industry is growing, and more smokers are now becoming vapers. This transition from smoking to vaping is growing substantially large in size, and the public is beginning to witness the success rate of vaping first hand.

There is no doubt that vaping is the future. It provides a way of nicotine delivery that will far exceed your expectations. The experience you gain from the act of vaping is enjoyable, convenient, and allows you to truly be “smoke-free”.

The First Alternative To Ever Slaughter The Adult Smoking Rate

The electronic cigarette industry became a successful niche almost over night, being the first alternative to ever slaughter the adult smoking rate. Since vaping became available to the public, the adult smoking rate has continued onto a downward spiral, and those numbers will only continue to drop.

What's so interesting about vaping is that it has the ability to help smokers switch instantly, as it mimics the pleasure of smoking, but eliminates the harm that's associated with it. Many believe that they're addicted strictly to the nicotine itself, and the act of smoking. However, what's actually taking place is that smokers are addicted to the additional 4,000 chemicals big tobacco companies have placed in the death sticks to keep you hooked and spending your hard earned dollar. When you choose to vape, you continue to receive nicotine, something you enjoy, but you're ridding the carcinogens and health risks found in traditional cigarettes, which includes those 4,000 chemicals. And, what's even better is that you'll continue to be able to place your nicotine delivery device to your lips and exhale after a nice long puff.

Take a moment to soak in some of the positive benefits that are associated with vaping and use of e-cigs: no tobacco, no tar, no smoke, no ash, no stained teeth, no odor, no smoker's breath, no combustion, no carcinogens, and no risk to bystander.

Secondhand Smoke Is A Thing of The Past

As you may already be aware, when vaping you are eliminating second smoke, since there's no smoke produced – only vapor. Some may believe that even though we're eliminating secondhand smoke, we're replacing it with secondhand vapor. However, the Clearstream Air study was announced early 2012, which proved that no harm was found in exhaled vapor from electronic cigarettes. In fact, the study also showed that there wasn't any nicotine detected in the exhaled vapor either. This means that the human lung absorbs most, if not all of the nicotine. Secondhand smoke is a thing of the past, while secondhand vapor was never an issue.

Ecigs Are More Affordable and Easily Available

One of the less troubling factors of traditional cigarettes is their cost. Smoking is expensive, and the government understands how addictive they are. In today's era, if you want to smoke, you'll pay the price not only with your life, but with your pocket as well. Using e-cigs is more affordable, they'll save you money in the long-run, and you'll reduce the harm associated with nicotine delivery in the process. Not only will vaping cost you less, but they're also easily available. In fact, nearly any store that you can purchase tobacco cigarettes, you also have the option to purchase an e-cig. E-cigs are available in the most popular retail chains, gas stations, tobacco shops, they're even available in privately owned vape shops all across the world.

A Modern Industry of Rapid Growth

What's become quite apparent is the rapid growth of the electronic cigarette industry. What was once a simple smoking alternative invented in China, has become an industry that's been on course to save as many lives as possible as it blossoms. What's so great about this industry is that it doesn't resort to outdated big tobacco tactics to win you over, it simply delivers successful results in helping you quit smoking. Furthermore, the industry is more modern, hip, and updated to our times of technology. E-cigs are advanced, packed with plenty of functions, loaded with safety features, and are designed to grow with you during your journey of being smoke-free. This phenomenon will only continue to grow as more vapers realize the benefits and importance it has on today's society.

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